VoiceMode 2.0: Speech-To-Text Dictation Application for Mobile Phones

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Have you ever wanted to send a text message from your phone but didn't want the hassle of keying in the text one character at a time? Now VoiceMode 2.0 makes entering text as simple as saying it. You just: Say It! See It! Send It!.

VoiceSignal has introduced VoiceMode 2.0, a new application that makes it easy to input text by simply using ones voice instead of the keypad.

VoiceMode 2.0 is an easy to use text input method that lets users create text messages by saying what they want rather than having to use the keypad. In addition to creating messages, VoiceMode 2.0 allows users to enter text into any text based application on the phone that uses text entry, including: SMS, MMS, email, notes, calendar, and office documents, simply by using their voice.

Users can launch VoiceMode 2.0 from any text based application by pressing on the talk button. Once activated the user simply dictates their message and VoiceMode converts the message from speech to text.

The VoiceMode dictionary has tens of thousands of words, so it covers almost all normal situations. In addition, words can be added to the dictionary allowing individuals to customize it to meet their own individual needs.

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