[UPDATE] LogExport v1.1

Sunday, July 8, 2007

LogExport is a small program to Export the Call Register data to a CSV file. It only does that thing, no more and no less. You will only find one menu: Export, the analysis task can be done by a spreadsheet. I was actually planning to give analysis options, but after reading so many subscription plans from different providers, there are some many differences which makes it hard to program.

So, it will be interesting to be able to analyze our call log. By analyzing call log, we can answer questions like: How long is my average call duration?, did I spent most of my money for SMS?, would it be better if I take this plan from the provider X over the others?.

Most provider doesn’t send the bill in digital format, and for those that do send in digital format, we need to parse the data (because they are usually in PDF format), and match the phone numbers with our phone book (because they don’t have our phonebook). It will be nice if we can just pull/export the call register data from our phone to a CSV file. We can then analyze the CSV file using any spreadsheet programs (including the default Spreadsheet on S60 3rd edition).

A new version 1.1 that uses local time (instead of UTC) is available. The default filename is now the current date/month/year. Sorry, it took me a long time for this minor bug fix.

Download it!


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