[UPDATE] NoRedClose v0.30

Thursday, July 19, 2007

When you are playing so hot,your finger catch the red key,all what you did is over./_\,The attribute since from 2nd FP3 devices,it means if you press the red key,that`s not only switch to menu.the program you running will be killed.now,NoRedClose for S60 3rd is released from the3sky OPDA's Team as a freeware.

Change log:
v0.01 able to perform base function
v0.02 add setting item,can switch to menu if you want
V0.10 add show time on screen.lots of settings was improved
V0.30 Fixed bug about hung up when running,you need change "go back to desktop" as "Yes"

Standard control
1.sign this software
2.run NoRedClose.
but if you want boot it with Operating system
you need to install powerboot.

When function of red key was disabled,please press left soft key to hang up

Download it!

NB : You have to sign the application to be able to use it...


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