[UPDATE] : Timebar V1.61 Build 0715

Sunday, July 15, 2007

the very usefull timebar application that displays the current time as a digital clock that is visible on all screens (and in all apps) in the foreground. [and automatically plays an alarm sound each hour] has been updated to V1.61 Build 0715, and ther's a little translated changelog :

One to change the way synchronization using the automatic adjustment of the model, and the basic time synchronization system, the error should be in 3 seconds
2, the frequency that is not associated with the timekeeping slots bug
3, amended the silent mode timer bug

Ordinary version can be installed directly, since the launch to tie powerboot
Since the signature version of the development of the use of the certificate can be signed since the launch of the configuration file to c : \ data \ timebar \ settings, copy to other places, updates will be returned after copying

sorry about the bad translation, but i can't test the application right now because i don't have my N95 with me at this time.

Download it! : self-singned version and unsigned version


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