MailSpace v1.00

Monday, July 16, 2007

MailSpace is a freeware application developed by Budapest University’s Dept of Automation and Applied Informatics that allows you to map a POP3 server as if it were a local disk drive in the mobile device file system and upload and download files to and from it. You can upload files, view the stored files on the POP3 server and choose the required files to download.

The application uses SMTP to upload files to the POP3 server. Therefore, after the software is installed, the following details need to be specified in the Settings of the application:

-email address on which the mails should be stored
-address of the POP3 server for the email address
-username and password for the POP3 server (the username and the password belongs to the email address)

The review will be available shortly!

Download it! Download the user manual!


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