[UPDATE] emTube v1.08

Thursday, January 10, 2008

emTube has been updated to bring a lot of updates and fixes :)


- New: Added "Saved videos" feature, all videos saved/downloaded from youtube are visible there. It also allows to delete or rename videos.
- New: Added "view by ID" option, an url to a youtube video or just an ID of a video can be entered and video will be played.
- New: Added Arabic, Danish, Slovak, Romanian and Polish translations.
- Fixed: Thumbnail images were not loaded in some rare circumstances.
- Fixed: Unmute (key '4') wasn't working as expected.
- Fixed: Changed the audio mute icon on navipane, black wasn't visible on some skins.
- Fixed: Display code has been optimized, emTube should be a bit faster on most phones.
- Fixed: Optimized video downloading, shouldn't slow down video playback that much anymore.


Download it!


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