Message Mirror : Find and Backup any deleted message !

Friday, January 4, 2008

Message Mirror is one of the tools you must have on your phone. You need Message Mirror when you want to : Find any deleted message, Backup all messages, Keep your messages secret.

Message Mirror has a "mirroring service" running on your phone. Once the service has started, it monitors all incoming and outgoing messages. Therefore when you open Message Mirror, you are able to browse all your messages even if you have deleted them from inbox or sent box. You can also convert all your messages to a file and send it to your PC or email address. Message Mirror supports 4 file types: TEXT, HTML, CSV and XML. Your Message Mirror may also be password protected. By means of this, you can delete your private message from inbox/sentbox and read them in Message Mirror.

- Monitor incoming and outgoing text messages and keep a mirror copy on your phone.
- Find any deleted text message.
- Export messages to TEXT/HTML/CSV/XML file.
- Transfer messages to PC via Bluetooth or Infrared.
- Transfer message log by MMS.
- Password protected.
- Work with PowerBoot to start with phone boot.

More info to be found here...

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