[UPDATE] Net60 Beta 2

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Following a successful first release of Net60 Beta 1, Red Five Labs announces the release of the second beta of Net60, the .NET Compact Framework for S60.

Once logged in to our site the download is available from http://www.redfivelabs.com/beta/BetaDownload.aspx or through navigating the 'Beta Download' menu drop down.

Any difficulties with logging in or with the download can be directed to support@redfivelabs.com. This beta evaluation version will remain active until 31/01/2008 with a commercial evaluation of Version 1.0 planned for thereafter.

The QuickStart Guide has been updated to reflect the changes included in Beta 2. The main change is the inclusion of Genesis, a tool to create .sis packages from .NET .exe's. The use of this tool is described in the guide and allows .NET applications to be installed directly to the S60 applications menu.

We have also made performance improvements, made various bug fixes and included a P/Invoke tutorial which is also available online.


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