[UPDATE] Nokia PC Phone v1.2.2078

Monday, January 21, 2008

Minor update was released for Nokia PC Phone...

- Some times call log was either empty or strange characters was seen
- Contacts already deleted from phone were seen in PC Phone
- Some times contacts were seen at all in PC Phone
- PC Phone service crashed some times when IE7 browser was closed
- Phone number that contains space in contacts could not be used to call or send SMS
- Time in Call log is now local time, not UTC

Known issues:

- IMPORTANT NOTE: always use "Get Connected Wizard" at least once with S60 phones:
the small application needed is installed from there. Instructions:
- do not connect USB cable
- start Nokia PC Phone view in your browser
- click the "Not connected" button at the upper right corner of Nokia PC Phone screen
- follow the instructions; remember to accept the application installation with your phone
- IE7: phone numbers in Contacts tab are "painted" for click-to-call
- Disconnect/reconnect cable with certain older phone models does not work reliable
- Support for Series 60 phones is preliminary (only Series 60 3.0 Feature Pack 1 with USB are supported)
- Updating/installing Nokia PC Suite will cause one Nokia PC Phone to crash. This is harmless, though.
After rebooting the PC (needed after PC Suite installation) everything works fine.
This was verified with Nokia PC Suite version
- Multiple contact delete is very slow
- S40 phones do not store message sent via PCCS
- IE7: click to Add contacts and SMS has issues with opening PC Phone window & focus handling
- "Recognize phone numbers" in Firefox is not saved (i.e. the setting is lost when Firefox is restarted)
- Interoperability problems with PC Suite (either PC Suite or PC Phone cannot connect to phone)

Download it!


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