Mobile Help Genius : a multi-purpose application !

Sunday, October 21, 2007

SymbianOn, the maker of (Private Call&Sms Guard and Security Genius among other applications) has released an all in one application : Mobile Help Genius as a multi-purpose application with lots of functions:
- Phone Guardian: protects the user if the phone is lost. If another SIM card has been plugged into the phone, a message will be automatically sent out to pre-defined mobile numbers. This way users can get to know the founder's or thief's mobile number.
- Turning the phone on and off. "Turn on": an alarm will be set automatically to remind you to turn the phone on. "Turn off": the phone will be turned off automatically at predefined time
- Record phone call conversations without limitations: a simple press of the predefined key combination will start and stop recording
- Record voice notes without limitations: a predefined key combination will start recording anytime, on any screen. There is no need to switch to the application to start recording
- Capture screenshots
- Keyboard autolock
- Multi-function key: assign functions to a key. Currently two functions are supported: 'screen capture' and 'launch application'.

You can Read the full features over here, amazing!

Download it!


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