[UPDATE] Mail For Exchange v2.0

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mail For Exchange has been updated into version 2.0 that includes lot of new features :
- Installation creates an MfE folder in the main menu where the Mail for Exchange
executables will be installed.
The folder contains the Mail for Exchange application and the new Company Directory
application for performing Global Address List searches.

- Global Address List (GAL) lookup is now supported.
When composing an email you can select Options>Company Directory to perform a
You may also go to the MfE folder and select the Company Directory application (Comp.
Dir.). From here you can search for other Exchange users, view their contact details,
store their information to a contact, call them, or send them a message.

-You may now accept/decline received meeting requests.
When you open a meeting request you will be informed if there is a scheduling conflict.
From the options list you can select to accept the meeting, decline the meeting, or
tentatively accept the meeting. The meeting will be added to your device calendar if you
have set MfE to synchronize your calendar.

- Integration with Quickoffice which is expected to be released in September allows an office document received by email to be edited and returned to the sender with fewer steps.
Open an office document attached to one of your emails and choose the option to edit it with Quickoffice Make any needed changes to the document, select the Reply option, choose a location to save the modified file, and send the new email.

- Task synchronization is now supported
You can now find your server tasks listed in the device calendar. Synchronization
settings are similar to those for Contacts and Calendar.

- Support for one new N-Series device: N76

- The Search application on E-Series devices can now search for content in Mail for
Exchange emails synchronized to your phone.

- Connectivity improvements

And you can the rest of the chagelog here...

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