FreeMsg.v1.20 : The popular local messaging tool!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

1.You're in a bar, loud music, you can hardly hear what others are telling you...
2.You see a friend through an office window: you can't talk to him, he can't hear you.
3.You're at a company meeting: it's dead calm. You can't talk yet you'd like to
tell something extremely funny to a pal next to you.
4.You're in a car, a bit frustrated and suddenly feel the urge to share your
feelings with another driver.
5.She is in the train already: you're standing outside. Hard to say anything.
Better say nothing. Just send a freeMSG!
Enter you message quickly, press Play and that's it! Your message is being displayed as running text on your mobile screen. You can even set the text background colour: e.g. choose a romantic pink with hearts = the most beautiful way to say 'I love you''' - after saying it yourself!:)

--> download the swf version and put it in !:\others

Downloadt it!


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