NavXS (Navigation Exchange Service)

Friday, August 3, 2007

A new cool application that lets people build a network of contacts, kind of like Skype, ICQ etc. But instead of exchanging just text messages, NavXS lets you exchange location based information:The current position of every online contact is continuously exchanged. Thus you can track the movements of your contacts in real time relative to your own movements. In addition you can define your own "Locations" and share them with your contacts. A Location is in essence a "Map Bookmark". For instance you can use it to mark a nice bar that you just found, so that you can quickly relocate it in the future. If you share it with your contacts, they'll find it just as easily. The location based information is shown on a map on your phone, as well as on the phone of your contacts.

All this is obviously not much fun if the people in your contact network don't know exactly where they are, but thanks to the new generation of mobile phones and PDAs that comes with embedded GPS based positioning module, chances are that they do.

Thus, with NavXS you can keep track of what your friends, colleagues and general contacts are up to. Or to be precise: WHERE they are up to it!.

If you think this sounds like a wacky Big Brother system that lets strangers spy on your personal life, relax! Firstly, only contacts whom you have granted the explicit right to do so will be able to see where you are. Secondly, as soon as you log out or turn off the positioning module, nobody will be able to follow your moves (except your network operator: The only way to hide from them is to turn off your mobile phone).

The software supports satellite and street views on Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Live Maps.

Download it!


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