[UPDATE] Truphone v3.2

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The most of you know Truphone i guess?! anyway it's a software that routes your mobile calls via the internet. That means free mobile calls to other Truphone users & very cheap calls to anyone else. this new update brings many improvements like :

1. NEW Truphone over 3G - VoIP calls in more places
Fantastic if you've got a generous (or 'all-you-can-eat') data tariff, but do note that cost, quality and availability of 3G services vary enormously. While it is possible to talk for free walking down the street, it is also possible to run up a huge bill this way. Be sure to check both that your operator allows this and what your tariff is - especially when you're roaming overseas.

So if you want to try out Truphone over 3G - now you can! Let us know your experiences.

2. NEW Presence - Know when you can make a free call
You can now see which of your Truphone friends are online and when you can call or sms them for free.

EDIT: see subsequent post http://www.truphone.com/blog/blog.tru?entry=presence_not_present

3. NEW Free SMS messages - Text other Truphone users for free
Announcing our revolutionary SMS over IP service.

Send and receive SMS messages to other online Truphone users for FREE or enjoy a flat worldwide tariff of just 7p/15c to all other regular mobile numbers.

Receiving SMS messages to your Truphone number is also free (great for avoiding inbound charges when you're abroad).

SMS over IP is a breakthrough technology developed by Truphone, but is still in beta. Do not rely on SMS over IP for important messages. In particular, note:

* Inbound SMS for users with +1 Truphone numbers is not yet possible. We are addressing this. However, all Truphone users can send texts outbound
* Texting premium numbers from Truphone is not possible (but then, why spend money when you don't have to?)

4. NEW Multi-SIM for Travelers - multiple SIM management
Truphone now supports those people who take international SIM cards with them when they travel abroad. Land in Australia, swap your SIM card and your Truphone calls will still route to your handset. Magic!

5. IMPROVED Easier Wi-Fi access - Truphone manages multiple access points so you don't have to
Say goodbye to the three SIP profiles, now you can set up as many access points as you like and your phone will look after them for you.

6. IMPROVED Works on more routers - less chance of pesky port-blocking
There's now less chance of port blocking when connecting as Truphone now works on more routers.

7. IMPROVED Easier installation - we've got rid of the awkward bits
There was a step in the old Truphone Wizard that was easy to get wrong. We've now packed that one off to the great .sis file in the sky and installation is now much easier.

to install it and read more information jump over the official website ;)

Download it!

NB : all Truphone users who sign up before 30th September 2007 will get FREE mobile calls to 40 countries around the world until Dec 31st.


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