MobiQuraan 2 available !

Saturday, August 4, 2007

MobiQuraan by Globe Soft is Quraan software for S60 3rd Edition smartphones with all features you can imagine. Othmani font, translation, explanation, audio, text search, number of occurences, highlighting search results and ayah while reading, control over colors and audio, in short everything.

Download it!


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pls give me registration no my mail id is

Thanks in advance...
Zakir Husain


I want activation code for this Software.... jazakallah!!

my mail :


can give me the activation ??

my email is >>

Thanks a lot..

i have installed mobiquraan but need activation code.
Can you assist please.
my : IMEI = 356211000757420
SERIAL :071494128328111

can yu send me the activation code


please can you help me
i want activation code
imei 358064010182230
SERIAL 016373743806182


jazaka llahou khayr akhi

Assallamo 3alaikom brothers, try this out, it's way better :)

To hear the Quran narrated, your phone must to be hacked (search on google) :

Step 1: Download the Quran Audio Zip file ( and extract it to your PC, the following folder structure will be created private\200044bc\Quraan\sound\2 including all the MP3 files.
Step 2: Connect your compatible Nokia device in Mass Storage mode to you PC.
Step 3: Copy the whole extracted folder to your memory card under private\200044bc\Quraan\sound\2.
Step 4: Start the Quran application and listen to the Quran narrated by Sheikh Ali Al Hudhaifi.


I've installed this application but need activation code. can I have one?
IMEI 359765010335458
Serial 15186446719822


I want to active : activation code, 0x15 don't work, please give me the 15 digit. Thanks

My IMEI : 357663014337418
My N°Serial : 065968798807713

If you have the software of crack (Keygen), please send me !

my email :

i have installed the software and also the audio files.... the recitataion is superb and very clear.... however i couldn't activate the software mobiquraan 2.... can you please send me the activation code in my email address...
allah hafiz
ashfaque ahmad ansari

i have downloaded zip file as well as the mobiquraan software... the recitation is perfect ... however the software requires an activation code. Can you please forward it to me in my mail.
IMEI: 358997014146703
Serial: 003435158018141

allah hafiz
ashfaque ahmad ansari

assalamualaikum..thank for sharing.
can u please send me the activation code

this is my email:

need activation code pls (as soon as possible)
IMEI: 358082015073782
Serial: 072242967720686

i have installed mobiquraan but need activation code.
Can you assist please.
my : IMEI = 354855020435227
SERIAL :076382662550771

Assallamo alaikom,can give me the activation code for this Software???
this is my e-mail adress:

Thanks a lot

salamo alaykome pleas i want the activition code alla ytawwile 3omrake
my email:

i need the activation code too ,pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

my email is :

hi, im also needed a code..
my mail

salam 3laikoum
akhi, i need activation code for my mobiquraan 1.111
my mail:

djazaka allah koul keir

I've installed this application but need activation code. can I have one?
IMEI 352724045512141
Serial 311052801373999

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