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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's been about a month since the last version of Papyrus was released, and here they are (sbsh.net) announcing today a new Papyrus version update : v1.3 but, What's new in Papyrus for S60 1.3?

New and improved Tasks view

The biggest update in this release is the new and improved Tasks view which can now sort in various ways and up to 2 additional sub-sorts.
In addition, I worked on various selection issues and crashses on the List view and Tasks view regarding deleting Tasks and completing/activating them, which would cause crashes for some users. This should now work properly.

New item - "Reminder"

This is something that I wanted personally for a long time.
You know how when you cook something, for instance hard boiled eggs - and you need a timer for that?

Well now you can set a timer VERY easily from within Papyrus.
You don't need to know what time it currently is and start calculating when to remove the eggs off of the flame.

Simply enter the amount of minutes you want the phone to remind you in - and voilla

You can use this of course for anything you'd like - not just cooking. So I hope you will enjoy this new addition.

New single line Daily view

Another feature that a lot of users asked for was the ability to make more space on the Daily view.
I've done that by adding an option under "Daily Settings-->Multiline" to set the view to a single-lined mode as shown in the screenshot:

Ability to create birthdays from within Papyrus

Not only can you now import birthdays from your Nokia contacts into the calendar as *special* anniversaries. But you can also create birthdays from within Papyrus. Just create a new Anniversary and set the line "Is Birthday?" to "Yes". Birthdays in Papyrus show the age of the person on all views and are another nice addition over the default Nokia calendar.

Fullscreen support for individual views

Many users who have phones with a screen resolution of 176x208 (like the N70) and 352x416 (like the N80) complained that the new Symbian-native top/bottom menu bars take up too much space. So to handle that, you can now choose which views you want to show up as fullscreen. This option can be found under "Settings->General->Fullscreen on".

New Settings and About dialogs

Papyrus finally received a face lift to its' Settings and About dialogs. You can now also register directly from the About dialog which can be found under "Settings->Options->About"

E90 Support

This is something that I'm very proud of. Everyone loves Nokia's new E90 which I think is just great! But they now can even enjoy it more with support from Papyrus I must add that this is just an initial support to put E90 users on par with the rest of the S60 Papyrus userbase. We will focus on implementing cool new E90-specific features in the upcoming releases so keep your eye out for that !

And here's the huge changelog in details :

* Added initial support for the E90.
* Added an ability to create a new calendar item type - "Reminder".
* Added "Multiline" option for Single line Daily view under "Daily Settings".
* Added "Show" sub-menu support to the Tasks view.
* Added "Sort" sub-menu support to the Tasks view.
* Added a new "About" dialog.
* Added a new Symbian-native Settings page.
* Added option under "General Settings" -> Fullscreen on" to select which views to be shown in Fullscreen.
* Goto Date is now a "Monthly View" type selector.
* Added "Duplicate" to the Tasks view's "More" menu.
* Added "Reschedule" to the Tasks view's "More" menu.
* Added "Week Count Start" to the "General Settings".
* Added "Default Alarm" option under "General Settings".
* Added option to set an Anniversary as a Birthday on the "New/Edit Item" dialog.
* Added Cntrl+X/Cntrl+C/Cntrl+V hotkeys for Copy/Cut/Paste respectively on devices supporting hotkeys (i.e. the E90).
* Added 6,7,8 font sizes for high-res devices.
* Added progress bar to the "Insert Contact" option on the "New/Edit Item" dialog.
* Added option under "Tasks Settings" -> "Show Completed" to show completed tasks as crossed out.
* It is now possible to select/cancel on the "Monthly Repeat by Date" date picker on the "New/Item" dialog.
* It is now possible to "scroll around" on the Daily view (From first event to last and visa versa).
* It is now possible to "scroll around" on the Font select dialog.
* It is now possible to "scroll around" on the Color settings dialog.
* It is now possible to "scroll around" on the Categories dialog.
* Scrolling down or up beyond the List view's date range will move to the day on the following or previous week accordingly.
* Fixed Tasks deleting crash on the Tasks/List view.
* Fixed Tasks completion change crash on the Tasks/List view.
* Fixed strange contacts appearing in the "Insert Contact" dialog.
* Fixed problem with "Alarm time already happened!" message, when setting an alarm for an anniversary on today's date.
* Age now shows for items of type Birthday across all views.
* Completed undated tasks now appear only on their completion date.
* Fixed crash when changing the layout from landscape to portrait on the New/Edit Item form.
* Fixed bug that would crash Papyrus when pressing "5" (View back) on the List view.
* Fixed bug: Papyrus is now correctly aware of day changes when moving between days on the List view.
* After removing a view from the View Rotation, Papyrus will not load it up if it was selected as the default view.
* Allday events and Anniversaries now show up on a single line on the List view.
* In the monthly preview pane, the location of an appointment is now shown after the subject.
* Fixed bug that would show a daily repeating event twice on the last day of the repeat.
* Fixed deletion of recurring events when choosing "This and All Occurrences" on OS 9.x.
* Fixed updating recurrence end date - this now saves correctly.
* Fixed updating a single occurrence of a repeating item.
* Fixed deleting a single occurence of a repeating item.
* Removed "This & Future Occurrences" from deletion options.
* Removed "This & Prior Occurrences" from deletion options.
* Removed recurrence saving options when updating an existing recurring item. Any change to a recurring item, updates the whole series.
* Fixed bottom timeline bar not showing on the Daily view.
* Settings are now saved when pressing "Done" under Settings.
* On the List view, the initial day shown is positioned correctly (used to be shown at the bottom).
* On the List view, pressing "2" for Today positions the screen correctly.
* On the List view, Papyrus now keeps the position of the last selected item when returning from a delete option.
* On the List view, Papyrus now selects the pasted item after a paste operation.
* On the List view, Papyrus now keeps the selection on the day title after an Expand/Fold operation.
* On the Daily view, Papyrus now selects the pasted item after a paste operation.
* Fixed problem that would crash Papyrus when trying to use the Date picker on the "New/Item" dialog.
* Fixed Import Birthdays crash.
* Fixed text-wrap issue on the "Color Settings".
* Fixed "Theme" not showing correctly on the Daily view when using no timeline bar.
* Fixed bug that would crash Papyrus when selecting "No" to a delete operation on the Daily view.
* Color settings are now saved when pressing "Ok" on the Color Settings dialog.
* It is now possible to go to the Category Settings from the Font Type dialog.
* Fixed memory leaks when importing birthdays.
* Fixed memory leak when loading the "Insert Contact" dialog from the "New/Edit item" dialog.
* Fixed crash when pasting items on the Daily view.
* It is now possible to cut/copy/paste undated tasks.
* Date selector now loads with the date of the field that opened it.
* Fixed End date changing incorrectly when using the date selector to select a start date while creating/editing a meeting.
* Alarm value is now kept when moving between dialogs (date selector, categories) while creating/editing a meeting.
* Fixed crash when completing a task on the Tasks view through the menu, and "Show Completed Tasks" is set to "Invisible".
* Birthday subject can now be changed.
* Fixed multiday appointment bug on the Grid view where a meeting starting on a previous
week would not show on the currently selected week, when the Grid view is set up as the default view.
* Saving multiday daily repeating appointments would repeat until the correct date (before was one day short).
* Background around "Select All" in the "Filter" dialog is now white.
* Fixed category group memory leaks in the Tasks view.
* Fixed crashing bug when deleting items on the Daily view.
* Fixed a tasks issue where some tasks would not show up on any view except the Tasks view.
* Editing birthdays now shows the original year the person was born on.
* Fixed graphical issue with timelines on the 1st day of the week for multi-day appointments on the Monthly view.
* Fixed RTL problem with notes on the Tasks view.
* Birthday now appears instead of Anniversary on a birthday's item details dialog.
* Updated German, French, Dutch, Czech and Hebrew localizations.

Download it!


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