[UPDATE] MetrO v5.5.4

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Remember that Metro is a cool applications that helps you find your way in the public transport systems (subway, bus, trams, ...) in more than 300 cities around the world. It's FREE, fast & accurate. Simply enter your start and end stops, hit the "Go" button and the program finds the fastest route. Many more features to discover.

The new update includes :
- Major city changes: Basel, Den Haag, Hannover, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manila, Marseille, Oldenburg
- Other changes: Amsterdam, Arnhem, Berlin, Eindhoven, Lisboa, Melbourne, Nitra, Paris (rail), Philadelphia, Rotterdam, San Francisco, Shanghai, Toulouse, Utrecht
- Manually closed lines are saved between uses
- Minor changes

Download it!
Other cities can be downloaded here!


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