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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Finally (excepting the method that uses python) you can set your own operator logo (in grayscale for the moment)!

Basic principle:
1.Operator Logo is a special message stored in your phone. If SD card is used as your storage of messages, the logo should be in the directory sd: \private\1000484b\Mail2.
2.This software can, for the first time, remove your Mail2 directory, and export your desire logo into it, but your previous messages in Mail2 will be destroyed. Backup is suggested.
3.After the first using of this software, NokiaLogo will just update your logo in Mail2, instead of removing the whole directory.


1.Make a picture
This picture must be 128*32 size and black-white only.
Using windows paint to save your picture with black-white mode is suggested.

2.Connect SD card to computer

3.Run NokiaLogo
When you use NokiaLogo for the first time, backup of Mail2 is strongly suggested.
1). Double-click preview image to load new picture.
2). Right-click preview image to choose load/reverse/mirror in popup menu.
3). Choose a proper operator in the dropdown box.
4). Choose correct SD card drive.
5). Click ¡®export¡¯ button.

4. Disconnect computer. Change your phone into normal profile. At messaging->options->settings->other->memory in use, use SD card as storage. Then open ¡®inbox¡¯ and find a message with the logo, and save it.

5. Then you can see a wonderful logo in the top of your display.

Supported and tested Phones: N73, N80, 3250 you can test it yourself

Download it!


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