[UPDATE] Devicescape v2.0.6

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Devicescape has been updated to fix some bugs and brings some new features !

* Devices immediately connect to all supported free hotspots. There's no need to sign up first with Devicescape nor add each free hotspot to your Devicescape account.
* Devices are able to automatically connect to any open network. This can be enabled or disabled on the device. Note, this does not apply to Nokia S60 handsets.
* The username and password for a hotspot can be added directly on the device, and will be used to automatically connect at that hotspot any time in the future. If you sign-up at Devicescape.com using your PIN code, this information will also be shared with your other devices.
* Devices play a sound upon making a successful connection to the Internet. This can be enabled or disabled on the device.
* Users can sign up for their Devicescape account at www.devicescape.com at any time using the PIN code.

Download it!


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