JoikuSpot : Turn your S60 to a Wi-Fi HotSpot !

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Connect your laptop to internet easily using your mobile phone's internet connection? yes it's possible with JoikuSpot!

JoikuSpot software is installed directly to the phone. When switched on, laptops and ipods can establish instant and fast wireless internet connection via smartphone's JoikuSpot access point using phone's own 3G internet connection.

Multiple devices can connect to JoikuSpot in parallel and seamlessly share the same 3G internet connection. JoikuSpot acts thus as an internet gateway to external WLAN devices.

Known issues:
-JoikuSpot might also work with E60 with new hardware version. With older hardware the JoikuSpot is created, but for unknown reason the connection to internet is disconnected after 10 seconds. If you manage to successfully use JoikuSpot with E60, please let us know. Please also deliver your hardware version, you can get it with *#0000#

-JoikuSpot has been tested successfully with several laptops: Fujitsu-Siemens, Apple Macbook, Dell, HP and new IBM models seem to work well. With older IBM laptops (at least T40P) the connection is not working. The reason behind is the WLAN chipset that the older IBM series is using.

You can read more over here !

Download it!


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