[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.10.12

Thursday, February 14, 2008

S60Ticker was updated today with more features and fixes !

* Section "Incoming SMS: About the new option" as read "can be displayed once short messages automatically marked as read.
* Section "Incoming SMS: About the new option" whole message "can be established if only the first 20 characters of a message or the whole content.
* The "demo mode": the new option "Startup" can be established whether the demo mode at restarting the S60TickerServers automatically be started.
* The startup process for the S60Ticker setup has been optimized.
* With active support issues, the color selection time (header) optimized.
* An empty ticker is independent of its offset only, in short 'appears.
* Possibly. Ticker remaining items will fade when new in the top position.
* Active ticker elements are no longer hide when stopped.
* Translation for Norwegian (NO).
* Internal memory consumption increased (stack size).
* Translation for French (FR) prepared.
* All existing language files have been updated.
* Support for licensing built.
* The dividing line between individual elements ticker will be no ticker for the first item.
* In addition to the above changes, the S60TickerSDK updated.


* "Incompatibility" with the "A4" - since version 0.7 fixed.
* Language translations for the EN, GE, SP, IT, DU, TC, HK, ZH updated.
* Several ticker elements are again separated successively displayed.
* Nokia E90 - When opening appears for about 2 seconds a black area - no longer with inaktivem ticker.

Known issues:

* Under (previously unknown) may also find it very rarely happens that the device "crash" and a restart (via battery removed).
* Nokia E90 - When unfolding appears with active ticker for about 2 seconds a black area.
* Pressing the menu button S60 and mode display only standby screen will be presented with an increasingly active ticker.

Download S60TickerServer !
+ Download S60Ticker!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!


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It seems like a good app, but why do I get a "bad certificate error" or something? I cannot install the server.

As i said tou have to sign the server file with your own cert

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