[UPDATE] ShakeLock v1.04 beta goes public !

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do you still remember my last post about ShakeLock? Well, the first beta is out for public !

Notes :
* Certificate Error: You will get a "Expired Certificate" error during installation for current release, to over come this follw the steps below:
o Change your phone date to March 2007
o Install the app
o Change back your phone date to current date. Enjoy :)
* Sensitivity settings: Normal sensitivity settings are as follows
+ Lock - 2
+ Unlock - 2
+ You can set a higher value for unlock and a lower value for lock for best experience ( ie 1 for Lock and 3 for Unlock acording to usage). Enjoy :)
* Proposed Features (Under development !)
o Autostart
o Autolock in case of accidental unlocking
o UI

Download it! + Download Python!


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krishan Bothra

ONLY works on phones with accelerometer, e.g. N95, N82... DOESNT work with E61 cause it doesnt have an accelerometer.


yea, only works with phones that has built in accelerometer i guess, even installing N95AccelerometerPlugin on my N73 does not help.....it does not even start.

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