ROK Talk : Revolutionary Conference Calling Application!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RokTalk is a new application in private beta that helps users to quickly organize on-demand or scheduled conference calls in groups of more than twenty attendees from a Nokia S60 mobile device!

Instant, ad-hoc group calling
ROK Talk lets you talk to up to 30 people simultaneously in just a few seconds, and manages introductions on your behalf. All using your existing Contacts list.

Scheduled conferences with invite management
No website or secretary needed, just use your phone to schedule those important conference calls, and let ROK Talk gather everyone's availability for the call.

In-call conference control
When on a call, you can easily invite additional people to your conference, individually adjust the volume of those "quiet" attendees on-the-fly, and much more!

Saved groups
Call the same people all the time? Save them as a group, and you can be talking to all those people simultaneously in just 3 clicks.

You can submit to the beta here!


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