[UPDATE] Nokia Location Tagger beta 2

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nokia Location Tagger has been updated !

- Support more devices. There were reports from the previous version that it does not work on many non-Nseries devices. This version should work on most S60 3rd Edition devices. Please let us know if it doesn’t work on your specific device/firmware. Note that you can use Nokia LD-4W if your device does not have built-in GPS module.
- Improved usability. Many of you mentioned that GPS takes some time to lock and sometimes you miss the moment. There are two improvements in this version.
°If there is no GPS signal when you capture a picture, it will be tagged with the last known good position in the last 1 hour. The previous version uses 10 minutes only.
°If there is no last known good position in the last 1 hour, the picture will be put in a queue until timeout. You can set the timeout value from the Settings menu. If your device is able to lock the position before timeout, all pictures in the queue will be tagged with this new position.
- Added “Show on map” feature. You can now select Options | Show on map menu from the Logs tab to show the location of the picture on Nokia Maps. This feature works only on S60 3rd FP1 devices with Nokia Maps installed, such as Nokia N95.
Many bug fixes. We have fixed a nasty bug that may drain your battery very fast in certain situations.

Download it!

NB : NLT will be integrated into N82 soon !


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