CellSniper : Protect your phone, Track your lost phone, remotely delete confidential data

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Protect your phone from misuse, Track your lost phone and remotely delete all confidential data with CellSniper !

CellSniper automatically locks the handset on restart. The handset can be unlocked by a password known only to the owner. The handset may also be locked remotely by sending the CellSniper password in a particular format via SMS to the phone.

Also it traces any new number that might be used on your handset. When a new SIM card is installed, alert messages are sent to predefined numbers entered by you,notifying them that your handset is in use with a new number. The alert message
will also recover your IMEI number for validation.

Last but not least,it can remotely delete all personal information on the phone via SMS using a WIPE string that you control. Even if the handset is operating on a new number, you only need to send the WIPE string in a message to the new number. The WIPE string is configured by the owner and can be edited or changed when required.


CellSniper can remotely delete the following data:
- Native Contacts
- Drafts
- Videos
- Images
- All information on Memory Card

You can how it works over here !

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