[UPDATE] HappyWakeUp v1.10 : Make your body and brain ready to wake up naturally !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

HappyWakeUp works as a smart alarm clock. HappyWakeUp is based on medical research of the human sleep and its structure. It smartly monitors your sleep using the microphone of the mobile phone. It gives you an alarm signal in the morning - but only if you are awake or almost awake just before the final wakeup time.


At this kind of moment your body and brain is ready to wake up naturally and without any extra stress. See details of the medical research data on How it works -section! With HappyWakeUp all mornings are created equal.

Download it!


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Hey SlipKonSaad(Hope I spelled it correctly),Where the hell were you been for all this time mann?,I searched your name in many places and kept checking your RSS feed for long time but it never updated and I missed it for a while now and here you are back.Anyway I'm damn happy to see you again and Hope to Keep in touch.

Hey friend ! i'm so glad after reading your comment ! i was very busy, that's the reason why :( anyway, i'm back with more, and more ! stay tuned !

very useful and awesome application for me, because every morning it is very hard to wake up for me

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u Would Love it.....

very good...looks nice as well...

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