[UPDATE] CorePlayer 1.2.0 "Preview"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

CorePlayer was updated yesterday !

So, whats new? Well since our last 'Beta' Symbian release, this version has the largest amount of overall changes/additions/fixes. But the biggest thing many ppl will find is the stability. This was a top priority for us with this milestone.

- FIX: Over 500+ Fixes
- FIX: Improved v1 skin UI
- FIX: Qualcomm QTv / Camera issue
- FIX: CoreAVC AVCHD streams
- ADD: Multi-language support (14)
- ADD: Google GData support
- ADD: Google / YouTube Integration (to be released in v1.2.1)
- ADD: RTP/RTSP support
- ADD: UDP Unicast / Multicast support
- ADD: HTTP Tunneling support
- ADD: RTCP (keep alive)
- ADD: IPTV / DVB-H Ready
- ADD: Enhanced Benchmarking (more accurate)
- ADD: Qualcomm QTv Hardware Overlay support
- ADD: CoreUI Widget Modular Isolation
- ADD: CoreUI Skin Enhancement
- ADD: CoreUI PNG Alpha Transparency support
- ADD: Core-C Enhancements
- ADD: Initial Pocket Internet Explorer integration (mimetype)
- ADD: Speex Audio support
- ADD: GSM Audio support
- ADD: WMMX Optimizations
- ADD: AVCHD M2TS support
- ADD: SMB Browsing Win32 and OS X
- ADD: Native Open Dialogue for Win32 and OS X
- ADD: CorePlayer Pro for Windows
- ADD: Coreplayer Pro for OS X
- Plus another 1000+ add/changes since v1.1

Buy it if you like it!


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