[UPDATE] S60Ticker v0.8.9

Sunday, February 3, 2008

S60Ticker was updated (Yes, again...) to add some new features and bug fixes !

- Timing the ticker elements has been optimized. Timing is now referring to the
Actually visible.
- Optimizing the internal character of the run-band routine. This somewhat more fluid presentation.
- Changes to the properties of the text demo lead now with active demo mode Its automatic restart.

- White bars the camera mode and partial screen saver.
- Installation is now back on memory card.
- "Standby mode" now.

Known issues:
- "Incompatibility" with the "A4".
- Translation for the SP languages, TC, HK, ZH incomplete.
- N95 8GB: Display and texts of the settings in the setup.

Download S60TickerServer ! + Download S60Ticker!


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