[UPDATE] Guardian Beta 4 by Symbian Toys

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guardian by Symbian Toys has been updated again !

Fixed bugs:
- Localize Command correctly sends the Cell-Id after the desidered timeout for gps.
- Delete Command correctly removes Images and Videos from the device.
- Forward Command propely works also with partially-corrupted contacts entries.

- For better testing Localize Command, you can now specify the timeout for gps location retrieving.
Note that the Localize, will not search for Bluetooth GPS devices, but it will use them if they’re already connected to the phone and provides valid GPS Location.
- Delete Command doesn’t “freeze” the device during it’s operation (note that, like in Localize, to correctly test this command, you have to keep the Guardian’s interface opened until the operation has been finished…)
- In the final version of Gold and Platinum editions, will be possible to add unlimited sims to the authorized sim list.

- Registration menu’ is now avilable and partially working…
After you’ve selected “Register -> Via Internet”, enter this LicenseID “AAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAA” and a “Registration Complete” message will appear.
Entering any other LicenseID will result in an error message.
- Alarm Command has been introduced. Will sounds a loud alarm for 5 seconds.

Known Issues:
- Some navigation softwares, communicates directly with the Bluetooth GPS, (eg. tomtom) in such cases Localize will not be able to use the Bluetooth GPS device to provide the Location.


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