[UPDATE] EQ Alt Tab v1.1

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

With EQ Alt Tab,Now you can forget about habitual switching tasks.

. To switch between programs, you no longer have to pursue long
the Menu button. Now, you do it the way the computer shortcut key: Alt-Tab,
which is used instead of keys Alt button Pencil (AbcShift), and Tab - S
(remove Backspace) or Menu.
: Highlights of analogies:
- Small size (~ 55 kb).
- Operation even in demanding games
- Support order
- Can ALL program, which you can switch
(the majority of managers do not see, for example, the second part of
the programme vNes, with the result that after the downsizing, it became
virtually impossible closure)
- Equally good work as a vector icons, and raster (including Java)

In this update :
- A new combination of keys: Pen Red (+ Pencil red button).
- Added the ability to shoot targets. Usually - Pen Red (+ Pencil red button),
and if this combination of tasks assigned shift - then Pen Green
(Green + Pencil button). Kills a current task, or selected: holding a pencil
to select the desired goal, then not releasing the Red pencil press the button
(or green - depends on the settings). Phone and Standby mode can not kill.
- Fixed error rendering icons fine if there are many of them.

Download it!

NB : Don't forget to sign it!


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