[UPDATE] Mail For Exchange v2.1

Monday, November 5, 2007

Mail For Exchange has been updated to includes more features and fixes !

- First of all, N81, N81 8GB and N95 8GB are supported now.

- Heartbeat interval setting is now configured automatically : The heartbeat interval setting used for maintaining a connection to the server in Always
on mode is no longer a static value. The software will attempt to find the best value for the data connection being used. This feature is completely automatic and requires no interaction from the user.

- The Company Directory application (supporting the Global Address List lookup feature) is now available as a standalone application via its own .SIS file.
Anyone who wants to use only the GAL functionality of Mail for Exchange may now
install just the Company Directory application. After installation the application can be found in the Installation folder (or its equivalent). The settings required for connecting to the server can be found by selecting Options>Edit profile within the Company Directory

- Error corrections have been made in the following areas: Network connectivity, Company Directory, Meeting Request handling and Displaying special characters.

- Last sync: The “Last sync” line in the MfE application shows “View log” (which
indicates a connection error) even though there was no connection error and
synchronizing was successful.

- N95 8GB: Making phone calls from Company Directory is not possible in N95 8GB
software version 10.x. Phone software to rectify this will be available towards of the end of this year.

Download it!


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