[UPDATE] SkyeCaller v1.03

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

SkyeCaller a similar (variant) software to Skyecaller PRO has been updated to include :

- Fixed bug: closes in low memory conditions
- Fixed bug: fails to load large image files (out of memory error)
- Fixed bug: some phones crash on entering image view (e.g. N93) [** should now support N93/N93i]
- Fixed bug: incoming text dialog sometimes overrides SkyeCaller full screen
- Fixed bug: if inbox stored on memory card, sometimes incoming text not detected
- Fixed bug: If current profile “Ringing type” set to “Silent”, then incorrect soft key text displayed (”silent” instead of “reject”)
- Fixed bug: Poor support for landscape/portrait switching
- Added support for backup/restore so that associations may be backed up
- Added alpha blending to full screen image (now actually full screen) - this is the “fade “effect at the bottom
- Updated configuration mechanism
- Added “Download” item to both contacts and image views

Download it!


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