[UPDATE] PhoNetInfo v1.7.0

Sunday, November 25, 2007

PhoNetInfo has been updated to v1.7.0 to fix and add following features :

Fixes, changes and additions from 1.6.0 :

General tab:
--> Implemented battery status information
--> Implemented SIM card status information
--> Implemented SIM lock status information
--> Implemented IrDA status information
--> Moved WLAN MAC address information to "WLAN / BT" tab
--> Moved bluetooth MAC address information to "WLAN / BT" tab

Network tab:
--> Implemented network mode information
--> Implemented GPRS availability information
--> Implemented GPRS availability status information

WLAN / BT tab:
--> Implemented WLAN MAC address information (moved from "General" tab)
--> Implemented WLAN status information
--> Implemented bluetooth MAC address information (moved from "General" tab)
--> Implemented bluetooth device class information
--> Implemented bluetooth device name information
--> Implemented counter for physically attached bluetooth devices
--> Implemented bluetooth scan status information

HAL tab:
--> Added the following new phone model to the CPU ABI type, CPU speed and CPU
architecture programming routines to correctly distinguish between
ARM11 and ARM4 CPUs:
====> Nokia N82 (0x20002D85)

Misc enhancements and fixes:
--> Added "About" dialog with various information about PhoNetInfo
--> Added "WLAN / BT" tab for wireless LAN (WLAN) and bluetooth (BT) information
--> Partially fixed S60 3rd Edition devices bug "KIS000764 - Incorrect CPU
information reported by HAL" (CPU ABI type, CPU speed and CPU architecture).
Most values are hardcoded now but anyway they make no claim to completeness.
--> Fixed random screen shifts in all tabs

Download it!


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