[UPDATE] TotalRecall FTP v2.01 Beta is live !

Friday, November 30, 2007

The very known Call Recorder / Mobile Dictaphone software : Total Recall allows you to easily record all or just some of your calls with no pesky beep while recording. This great app has been updated to v2.01 with a major feature : clip uploading via FTP

This groundbreaking update now offers the convenience of clip uploading via FTP. No other call recording application on the market offers this for now, This update is free for all current Total Recall 3rd Edition users.

So new Features Include:

* Upload Clips via FTP
* All-in-one App (will run on all S60 3rd devices) with Best, Good & Low audio recording features. If you are hearing a beep while recording, or the app is only recording a couple seconds, modify this setting until you achieve beep free recording. Will work on nearly every device!
* Improved Password Protection Feature
* Various bug fixes and minor feature updates
* Improved Manual Recording Functionality
* Improved In-app User Guide

In two weeks, the final version will be released with even more new features, and it will be Symbian Signed.

Download it!

NB : This version currently consists of two files - One is the Total Recall application, the second is the C library required for the FTP to function. In this Beta version, you MUST install the C Library file (pipips_s60_wp.sis) before installing Total Recall. Existing Total Recall users should Uninstall, Reboot and then install pips_s60_wp.sis, then TR3FTP.sis


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