[UPDATE] Papyrus v1.4.1 beta

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Papyrus has been updated to v1.4.1 with a huge log of changes as usual !

Development log for Papyrus 1.4 Beta 1
* The "New/Edit Item" form is now tabbed.
* Removed "Non-compact" option for the "New/Edit Item" form from the "General Settings".
* Allday event creation moved into "New->Meetting".
* Added "Insert" menu into the "New/Edit Item" form options menu.
* Added ability to insert a note from the phone's "Notes" to Subject/Location/Note fields on the "New/Edit Item" form.
* For OS 8.x, 9.x: Updated the "Note" field in the "New/Edit Item" form to support better text editing for longer notes.
* Fixed task deletion crash on the Daily view for some languages.
* Added hours option to Reminder (default is 0).
* For the E90: Added additional font settings to accomodate the external screen.
Fonts' size saved on the external screen vary from the ones saved in the internal screen.
* "Goto Date" screen now has original "direct" date selection under "Options".
* Added global "Tasks date format" setting under "Tasks Settings" - date formatting for tasks will now encompass all of the views.
* Removed "Tasks date format" from the "Tasks View Settings".
* Updated "Grid" view to show more information, better:
Added timeline to each day's title.
Added "arrow" on the Grid view, indicating if there are more items than can be viewed on the tab.
For some resolutions on OS 9.x: Added an appointment counter to each day's title.
* Added meeting's organizer details to the item's details view.
* Added attendees' status details to the item's details view.
* Added attendees' status details to the "Attendees Selection" form.
* Added "Organizer Sent by" setting (i.e. Roy) under "General Settings".
* Added "Organizer Address" setting (i.e. roy@sbsh.net) under "General Settings.
* Added better Attendees support when editing attendees list (in terms of Organizer).
If you create a meeting and add attendees to it, the organiser for the meeting will be set from the settings.
If there is no organizer set yet in the settings, a prompt dialog will pop-up, asking the user to enter the organizer details.
If you are editting a meeting that was created by someone else (so that you are not the organizer), then you can't remove attendees from the meeting.
* Added attendees color settings (for item's details view) in the "Color Settings".
* Categories with icons now have their icon shown next to them on the item's details view.
* For OS 9.x: Updated all views to have the status-pane (top-bar) like the native "thin" top-bar.
* For OS 9.x: Removed fullscreen option from the "General Settings".
* Updated "Insert Contact" dialog. It now loads much faster and without *strange* contacts.
* Removed option to select a detail from within a contact when inserting contact details into a meeting.
* Undated tasks can now have an alarm set for them.
* For OS 9.x: Fixed background issues with the settings for non-landscape resolutions.
* Updated "My Text" form code which fixed scrolling issues on that form.
* Updated all Monthly-type views (Monthly view, Date Selector etc..) with better drawing code for faster usage.
* Fixed bug that will not update dates for Alarms when using the "Date Selector".
* Fixed bug where multiday allday events running through the new year will run for one wrong extra day.
* Age of a contact (for imported birthdays or self-created birthdays) now shows correctly for future years.
* Updated Chinese, Finnish and Polish localizations.

You can download it from the forum (you must be a member)


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