[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.38.04

Monday, November 5, 2007

A new version of Mobile GMaps is out, with a number of improvements:

- The QJAE GPS API (Sprint) was updated to prefer assisted-GPS over standalone GPS. This sacrifices accuracy for quicker fixes and more stable GPS positioning.
- The "Browse" option in Settings/Map Browsing was updated, it now searches for a folder containing a cache.conf file and it no longer requires for the folder to be named MGMapsCache.
- Support for the OpenStreetMap OSMARender map layer was added. You can enable it in Settings/Map Types.
- Added option to rotate map by 180 degrees, key "7" can be used to sequentially rotate the map.
- A scaled image is now displayed while zooming in (previously such an image was displayed only when zooming out).
- Added option to "fake" user-agent (Settings/Advanced) in order to make MGMaps work with some carriers and plans like O2 Germany's WAP.
- Some fixes for the GPS, zoom, key shortcuts and other settings.

Download it!


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