[UPDATE] RotateMe v2.0 Beta 3 !

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A new beta version of RotateMe v2.0 was finished by samir to includes more features and fixes !

New in this update :

- Implementation of N95's API sensor movement (instead of the 5500 one)
- Auto-rotation now works also when the phone is inclined (before it was necessary that the phone has to be taken straight)
- Auto-Rotation at 90 ° (rather than at 45 °), as on the N82.
- Auto-rotation stops when keyboard is locked.
- No more rotations unintended while shaking the phone

Coming in next beta :
- Enable / disable auto start
- Enable / disable auto-rotation with a hotkey
- Setting to set the delay of the desactivation of autorotation
- A new user interface
- Writing the help context


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