[UPDATE] cClock v1.18

Thursday, November 8, 2007

cClock has been updated, and again it fixes more bugs !

- Modify behavior : If "Power saving mode" is "No", if the keypad is unlock just before screensaver activate, it will remain unlocked. However, when you press any key, you still will see the "Unlock" dialog box.
- Bug fix : At preview, the offset from the top is follow last screensaver position. It should reset to 0.
- Modify behavior : Further reduce power consumption on option "Always on top" by reduce the refresh rate.
- Bug fix : Simplify Chinese font size label incorrect.
- Feature : If system alarm is being active, it will show as an icon.
- Bug fix : Display battery bar not the same as phone desktop battery bar.
- Modify behavior : show X if battery level is less than 14%.
- Modify behavior : Week and Chinese calendar font size make it adjustable in Twips and also add bold options.
- Feature : Add time display at icon banner.
- Modify behavior : For screen width more than 320, the icon banner font will using "Title" instead of "Normal"
- Bug fix : Some Tradition Chinese text string incorrect.

Download it!


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