[UPDATE] Mobile GMaps v1.35.02

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well, after the v1.35.01, the amazing MGmaps was updated to v1.35.02 and here's the changelog :

* The Send option was removed completely and replaced by Invite, that allows you to send an a SMS to a friend (you can choose from your contacts) and invite him/her to use MGMaps.
* Language files are now downloaded over-the-air when you choose a different language in Settings. This reduces the size of the jar and thus makes MGMaps work better on phones with less resources.
* The last Search results (or directions) are saved when you exit MGMaps and reloaded when you restart it - to show them again just press 2.
* Settings are saved to a backup store that should help if they get erased by memory-full errors.
* Username and password input encoding was fixed in Web Tracking settings.
* Keyboard improvements: you can press 7 to quickly rotate the map, the scroll wheel zooms on Sony-Ericsson P990, the softkeys work fine on Samsung E250.
* Total memory and free memory are displayed in the Help/Debug Log screen. Please note that these values are NOT correct on most phones and they are included only for debugging reasons. The total memory shows how much memory is visible to the application at a moment, but that is increased or decreased by the phone when needed.
* Other small problems were fixed.

Download it!


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