Nokia Computer Vision Library

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The NokiaCV Library builds on the Symbian OS, extending imaging capabilities and standardizing the OS image internals. The library provides standard image operations, as well as a set of linear algebra operations needed in many advanced imaging applications. This serves as a building block for future advanced libraries. Some of the extensions are likely to be created by our research teams and be provided in future releases, but anyone can extend the library.

Here are some use cases where this library can be applied to:

Capture Enhancement:

With color conversions and image wrapper, we can modify images and manipulate pixels directly and easily.
Developers can make high-quality algorithms for panoramas.
Developers also can implement complex algorithms without requiring building and debugging of a platform.

Gaming/User Interfaces

The library provides robust motion estimation as a software component, it is ready for games and applications.

Post-capture Editing

Image warping operation can be used to create standard warping or in other entertainment uses.
By image compositing, we can add items to captured images.

See the library overview to get a glimpse of the features of this library.

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