Handy Profiles : Best profile switcher on the market?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This time it's from Epocware! one of my favorite developer by the way...

this is still on beta stage.

Major features:

- Profile switching by time schedule
- Profile switching by Calendar appointments (via keyword)
- Profile switching by location (via GSM cells)
- Timed profile activation
- Personalization (a la standard Profiles)
- Safety! Offline profile will never be turned off automatically

But is Handy Profiles the Best profile switcher on the market? i'll try to answer to this in my next review soon...but i can tell you that the feature i like the most is profile switching by location, that what i missed in Best Profiles...i'll remind you that SmartProfile included also this great feature but i stopped using it because I got so many false activations/deactivations that I couldn't rely on it, the particularity of Handy Profiles is that it has 10 seconds delay protection from "fake" cell switching. It means that if a fake cell appears, but then goes off during 10 seconds, then it will be ignored. There won't be profile switchig in such case.

In the past i asked myself about priority for Rules but didn't test it, If for example we have overlapping location and calendar rules (shouldn't happen I know) then what happens? Should at least be a warning? the good news is If some rules are overlapping, they activate one by one at their activation times. There is a kind of virtual stack of rules. The top rule (last activated) is always active.

What i miss till now is that Handy Profiles needs more flexibility for working with GSM cells i.e adding new cells to an existing location and ability for editing location cells.

Also, (and for that reason i'll say that it's not the complete solution on the market) Handy Profiles need some more features (by comparing it with best profiles), not just switching proifles but also turn on/off Bluetooth, WiFi, start apps, ... in other words, we need Advanced profile settings and by that, Handy Profiles will become the best solution in the market...;)

Br, Andrey from Epocware, said :

Unfortunately, the above changes requires lots of time to be done in version 1.0. They are scheduled to version 1.01.

1. Handy Profiles ver 1.0 to be released this week. There is one more change that we will make comparing to the current version. The location rules will get lower priority than time- or Calendar-based rules. There are several reasons for that. One of them is that manually scheduled rule (e.g. meeting from Calendar) must overcome a "random" location rule (e.g. office location).

2. There is one more BIG thing to be released in a few weeks (really cannot say anthing right now). And we are plannig a big/long public beta testing for it (not short like this one). There you will be able not only suggest, but also get the required feature.

Please feel free to test it, and comment to this post if you've some bugs or suggestions ;)

Download it!


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Best Profiles is much, much better than Handy Profiles. I don't why but you can't edit rules for Offline profile in HP. It completely makes no sense.

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