[UPDATE] Windows Live Messenger v1.1.8161

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New version for Windows live messenger (english) with supported Windows Live Spaces plugin!all you have to do is to install dep.sisx, the main client and finally the share online client (updated and configured for msn)

NB : It's for Symbian OS 9.2 devices, to work properly on N71, N73, N80, etc here are the files but it's V1.0.861 and not V1.1.861 (dep + main client + share online plugin)


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installed on my N73ME but no icon..does anybody have the same problem??

I've uploaded the compatible files with symbian 9.1 (N73, N80 etc)

enjoy it!

This is really good news and will save a small fortune on text messages!!
Its a real shame that this will not work on the new Nokia 6110 Navigator

I installed it on my N73ME but it doesn't run when I click on the icon. Help?

9.1 dep file isn't at there.

Link fixed, thank you ;)

thanks very mush ,,this is wot i was looking for,,had thgis 1 before but didn't work with @msn id,,now this 1 work,,,niceeeeeeeee


Installed dep and main client OK but when trying to install share snline plugin I get an error "install base components first". Any ideas?

Nokia 6110 Navigator.

Is it possible to set up Windows Live for Symbian to do push e-mail. Or even to poll for new e-mail at frequent intervals?

I've seen other sites offer Windows Live Symbian for download without the share online client.

What is the share online client?

Salut fréro mal9ach 3andak la version francaise ??? jlavé sur le n80 men dak le truk dial " telechargez! " mé sur le n95 mafihch !!!
le blog zwine bzaf j'envisage de faire un blog semblable en arabe voir en darija ! pr ke lé marok1 en profite a fond !!!
n-youssef@hotmail.fr (contact)
Bonne continuation !

is there any differene between V1.0 and V1.1
Like anything which is present in the latest version and not in old version??

try to install on my nokia e65 it install but no icons any idea??

I install on my 6120 and it works.
Thank You.

I have an Nokia E90 but I can't find the icon anyware. I insatalled everitinhg. Where do I look for it?

it's...an alright app. not impressive, due to the lack of distinction between your typed words and that of the person ur IM'ing also the awkward navigation overall! I would prefer mobile ebuddy, but 4 some strange reason, ebuddy displays some of my online contacts as offline (very stupid). So until i can find better, i'll b using this Live Messenger.

Installed v1.1.8161 on my Nokia N82

Voice Clip doesn't work.

Re-installed v1.0.6141 and I have no problem.

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Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

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